About Intex Networking

It's about us - a little Digital Agency toppling Software Development giants.
What defines our culture, that makes our core values strong for the struggles we endured and overcame.
It's about a band of code poets, developing AI automation and programming systems,
Making everyday living convenient, in this ever Cyber age expansion.
Exploring deeper with the internet - while connecting the world more closely.

Core Values

Makes for a principle of e.t.h.o.s.

Efficient, teamwork, honesty, ownership and simplicity – Intex Networking is built under this directed philosophy.

Formulas And Graphs Maximising Productivity That Represents Intex Networking Efficient E of E.T.H.O.S Principle


Progress reports, evenly distributed work flow of tactful programming expertise makes a hassle-free, efficient app delivery. Intex Networking's software development team is spearheaded by seasoned veteran IT manager that oversees, and monitor each assignments. Cost from both ends are now minimised - ensuring satisfaction guaranteed.

A High Five Can Be Seen Among A Group Of People Representing Intex Networking's T of Teamwork in E.T.H.O.S Core Values


We rise by lifting others; where any developing application is done, teamwork is prioritised. Through discussions and website wireframe designs to hard coding and beta testings, all phases are reviewed each step at a time, in helping hands to ensure connecting responsiveness. As an InfoTech engineer, you will never work alone.

Two Professionals Shaking Hands Representing Intex Networking's H For Honesty in E.T.H.O.S Principles


In Software Development, there's no beating around the bush. Bugs do come as a form of loophole, and may it then cause crash. As simple as being straightforward, it's a clear-cut fact if an application works, or it doesn't. Intex Networking is completely transparent in what we do, or planned to do irregardless. Honesty is always the best policy.

A Group Of Professionals Coming To An Agreement Representing Intex Networking's O of Ownership in E.T.H.O.S Core Values


We are responsible for our own actions, we admit to our own cause. Factoring attributes of leadership skills and progressive work, Intex Networking Software Company's bandwagon of code geniuses and web designers are nothing short of accountability and reliability. A pivotal essential in any corporate 'about us' profile.

A Horizontal Straight Line Cutting Across A Puzzle Maze Representing Intex Networking's Simplicity of E.T.H.O.S Core Values


All web and mobile app designs are built for no-brainer input. Because simplicity holds the cup for wider age group with minimal learning curve and instinctive use. No strain of processor load nor complications necessary, just a quick boot up into program open and into immediate use.

History Overview

Ideas came into fruition and discussions ensued, stoked were the creators that led Intex Networking’s inception. The objective was simple: to develop a versatile Software Development company that builds projects between template-based systems, or customised programs.

Intex Networking was thus born in 2015. Birthed in the periodical change under the Information Technology era. Where paradigm shifts now apparent, Intex Networking recognises a largely untapped force; of merchants and enterprises yet to immerse deep and into the e-commerce world. We intercepted the existing functional currents of bricks-and-mortar stores transitioning into mobile and computing applications. Moving online is the way forward, and you will not be left out.

A Globe Filled With Electronics And Programs Representing The Internet Age That Intex Networking Looks To Develop.
A Waving Malaysian Flag With The Iconic KLCC In Kuala Lumpur Representing Intex Networking As A Malaysian Firm.

Proudly Malaysia's

Skins of different tones, but humans at heart. Like Malaysia’s motto that boasts for multi-ethnicity, Intex Networking stood in its core united. We are made of many  of different race and separate upbringing. No favouritism are practised; the true lead of our purpose is to deliver custom software development solutions with life cycles that helps many any. available. time.

Intex Networking Sdn Bhd is a privately owned tech firm located in West Malaysia. Where our main operations are heavily software based, our sole IT team is situated in Petaling Jaya (PJ), and the remainder of our people in Shah Alam.

Small-Sized, Big Heart Corporate

Our numbers are few, yet our design war rages on. In retrospect of our beginning as do all grit, patience and hard work, Intex Networking is, and has expanded their base of developing operations.

All of our men and women are diversified in skills, and unparalleled in terms of knowledge. Intex Networking Sdn Bhd combines years-accumulated experience to bring apex results in software engineering and web illustration.

In the ever-evolving digitised world, Intex Networking improvises, adapts and overcome according to the InfoTech sector. Where technology is now intertwined to everyday living, needless to say in any and every forms of tools and ads, we will find its applicable use and bring them to our arsenal. It’s Intex Networking’s duty to explore and ours alone to work and implement, so that all of us benefit— and you alone will win.

3 Individuals Handling A Stack Of Work Representing Intex Networking's Workforce Multi-Tasking As A Small-Sized Corporate
A Man Presenting Graphs Of Potential Revenue Growth Showing Intex Networking's Trillion Dollar Interest in Info Tech.

Information Technology: A Trillion Dollars Industry

Newer automated marvels are being introduced despite existing breakthroughs. Once the wave of Social Media presence is now at the core of Internet of Things (IoT). Turning online is now a medium to our broadening connection of the world, helping us interact with any and every up-to-date tech.

In this rapid pace of change, the Information Technology industry is shooting for the stars, with potential revenue growth increasing explosively as day’s past alongside humanity’s advancement.

Intex Networking’s Custom Software Development is no stranger to the rapid changing trends on the electronic floor, a trillion dollar market waiting to be untapped… and ever growing through time.

Full-Stack Software Development Services

Automated systems are assembled to various specific use. And coined is the term, “Full-Stack,” that represents a do-all versatile Software Company in every phase of programming life cycle.

From plannings of web designing to coding CRMHR SystemPayment Gateway, and even Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) of corporate computer apps, Intex Networking Sdn. Bhd further provides integration system (API)payment gatewaysserver hosting, creative management (SEO and Social Media Maintenance), and even Data Analysis. Your company is hands-down covered in our vast pool of services.

An Intex Networking InfoTech Engineer Working On Codes With Monitors Representing Programming In Software Development

Now That You Know Us, There's Only One Thing Left To Do.