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Years of innovating experience is in our hands, bringing revolutionary ideas into reality.

C.O.D.E. of Conduct

Our CODE way empowers all. Through a 4 stage process that minimalises the margin of error.

As a Digital Company, Intex Networking maintains a standardised, professional form.

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Through and through - that by gathering requirements, Intex Networking understands the collective key objectives. Opportunity size, depth of software development and estimated timeline can now be gauged, leading an allocation of devs, code whizz and data geeks to ensue optimal production height.

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All development begins with a prototype, and it's back to the drawing board for you and I. To simulate, sketch and design outlines of user interface that pleases the eyes and is friendly to use, the Website Wireframe is the visual blueprint created, discussed and then revised from low to high fidelity. All before coding.

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The monitors are now filled with scripts and complex codes. Encrypting through back end controls, programmers in Intex Networking develops a fully functional application. In a process of logic by programming - followed up with stress tests, bug fixes and changes, this is priority checking just before application launch.

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After software development comes an execution — of final product launch. Our services spans to online marketing, where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) then pivots steady growth. To reach first in Results Pages, we answer to strive - passionate, labour enduring and ethical. The best or nothing.

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From system migration to custom made software - Our portfolio is well-diversified.

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Software Development

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Mobile App Development

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Integration System (API)

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Payment Gateway

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Server Hosting

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Creative Management

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Digital Marketing

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Data Analysis

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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Customer Relationship Management

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Accounting Management

Intex Networking | Full Stack Software Development & Web Design

An entry of responsive codes. A web application request. A digital marketing maintenance. Out of the assignments, Intex Networking delivers Information Technology solutions in the whole nine yards. Years of innovating experience and code writing have put us here — now renowned Malaysian experts of software development and web designing, we bridge the gap between usage convenience and productivity exposure.

The ever-evolving world is now digitised — and is therefore, an internet landscape. We dwell, adapt and utilise the Open Source to retrieve, connect and share. Given any day, software applications are used all throughout. Intex Networking honours clientele by designing web and mobile apps to specific individual business needs, engaging proprietors into the electronic network while increasing overall online exposure. Ardently developing software either to a template-based program or customised system, the perks of either options use can still complement any corporate.

As a Full Stack Software Development firm, there’s nothing Intex Networking can’t do. Whether it’d be an e-commerce webpage application, or a niche Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System— let alone, Entreprise Resource Planning (ERP), we design, develop, empower and then maintain. Where programming is our duty, and code reading is our life, this is the one-stop Malaysia’s InfoTech solution you need.

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